M-Audio Torq Xponent Mapper for Virtual DJ 6 - looping and sampling optimized

There is mapper for Virtual DJ version 6 for M-Audio Torq Xponent DJ console. The mapper was created by my experiences with digital DJing. The mapper is optimized for looping and sampling. I Call it Remix mapper :)

There is description of mapper:

  1. Scratch button
    usage: on/off
    If on jogwheel is used to scratch, jogwheel touch is also working. If off jogwheel is used to pitch bend.

  2. Exit button
    usage: instant
    If pressed effect backspin is turned on and when effect finishes, deck is stoped

  3. Loop search
    usage: on/off
    It is only possible to use if loop is active on deck. If on jogwheel moves loop position. It is good if you are e.g. looking for precise start of loop

  4. Effect section
    usage: on/off
    On/Off and the first knob of various effects, default effects are cut, flanger, djosdelay2, wahwah.

  5. Short skip
    usage: instant
    Skips 4 beat backwards or forwards, seamless.

  6. CUE section - skipping
    usage: instant/holding
    Creates or jump to CUE. If you want to create CUE, hold button. If you want skip to CUE press button. Skipping to CUE is configured as seamless. Also if you are in loop and wants to skip to CUE, loop remains.

  7. Loop section - lenght and moving
    usage: instant

    FWD and RWD moves loop forward or backward of loop/2 beats. This is useful if you would like to jump between two samples. You can do fine effects if you use loops together with CUE skipping.

    Plus and Minus resizes loop. Plus multiply loop lenght by 2, minus divide by 2.

  8. Numbered Buttons - loops by length
    Creates loop in button number multiplied by 4. it means button number 1 creates 4 beats loop, button 2 creates 8 beats loop etc.

  9. Loop section - standard controls
    usage: instant
    As on another decks - LOOP OUT, LOOP IN and LOOP button. Last used loop size is used for LOOP and LOOP OUT if no LOOP IN.

  10. Normalize BPM
    usage: instant
    Sets BPM of song to defaults. Its good if you are slowing song down and then start it again.

  11. Beatgrid effect
    usage: instant
    Useful effect breaking beats. Effect automatically stops after few beats, synchronized.

  12. CUE
    usage: instant
    Standard CUE button

    usage: instant
    Standard PLAY/PAUSE button

  14. Long skip
    usage: instant
    Skips 32 beat backwards or forwards, seamless.

  15. Tempo adjust
    usage: knob
    Adjust BPM of song

Other buttons works as you would expect. Phones as phones deck switching, kills and EQ knobs. SYNC, syncs only BPM.

Requirements to use this mapper:
  • I recommend you not to use key sync and beat lock.

  • Several effects are adressed by this mapper, these effects are available on VDJ web for download. (beatgrid, backspin, cut, flanger, djosdelay2, wahwah)

Installation instructions


  1. busco mapeador para virtual dj 5.5.0 por el cue para marcar si alguien me pudee ayudar